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Sophomore Career Day 2020

Dan VollmerCasey HilmerCapt. CaceresDr. Bryan McNabbBobby StephensDr. Faith HaydenDr. Hillary LieblerGym overviewHelen HwangJeff Bahl and Ray ManningJeff BahlKatie SchwehmLisa Hack, Mike Cobb, Faith Hayden and Helen HwangMarvin BryceMeredith PostRich IsphordingWes BonekemperArianna Warfel and son HarryBen Egan

Pow Wow Alumni Reception Feb 2020

Bentleys and Deb CentersClark Brinn and Deb CentersGroup of Alumni friendsSternbergsFoundation friendsRob Warfel and Mark MilesStrikes with Deb and Mark Miles

Retired Teachers' Luncheon

Retired Teachers' Luncheon

Dale Swisher