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Board of Education

Indian Hill Board of Education

Indian Hill Board of Education

Meet the Board of Education Members

  • Eddie Hooker

    Dr. Eddie Hooker

    Board President 
    Committee Membership: Finance/Audit
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  • Kim Martin Lewis

    Kim Martin Lewis

    Board Vice President of Finance  
    Committee Membership: Personnel/Professional Relations; Finance/Audit; Instruction and Technology; Legislative Liaison 
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  • Nancy Aichholz

    Nancy Aichholz

    Board Vice President of Operations 
    Committee Membership: Personnel/Professional Relations; Operations 
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  • Elizabeth Johnston

    Elizabeth Johnston

    Board Member 
    Committee Membership: Instruction and Technology 
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  • Niki Singh

    Niki Singh

    Board Member 
    Committee Membership: Operations; Indian Hill Foundation Liaison 
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Great Oaks JVS Representative - Tim Sharp (note: Board of Education representatives to JVS boards are not required to be Board of Education members)