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Thank you, Class of 1978, for your incredible  legacy gift of over $56,000.00!

Beginning in February, the Class of 1978 started making plans for their 40th Reunion.  Working closely with the IH Foundation, they created a "40 by 40" campaign with the goal of raising $40,000 and having at least 40% of the class contribute by their 40th reunion later that year.  An easy and secure donation link was created with the IH Foundation.  Both the Reunion Committee and the Foundation used email contacts, social media, and personal calls to promote both the reunion and the goal of the class gift.  Early donors all signed a class letter and the signatures (and the donations) steadily grew over the spring and summer.  In total, over 50% of the class contributed some amount, far exceeding their goal. 

By the September 14th reunion, they had over $56,000.00 donated to the Braves Forever Fund of the Indian Hill Foundation.  This gift will ensure consistent support for innovative district initiatives far into the future.

Gratitude . . . and a challenge to other classes

"To honor our teachers, coaches, counselors, administrators, staff and parents, we have started a new tradition of challenging every future reunion class to give something big back to Indian Hill Schools.  Your generosity will help future generations of Braves have the kinds of experiences they will remember for the rest of their lives.  The Class of 1978 hopes this will have a multiplier effect and encourage other alumni classes to follow suit."

- statement from the Class of 1978
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