Distinguished Alumni Awards

For over 60 years, graduates of IHHS have been changing the world in countless ways.

We are proud to honor their legacy of commitment, integrity and achievement.

The Distinguished Alumni Awards were started in 2017 to recognize three outstanding Indian Hill Schools alumni annually. The three awards are:
  1. The Distinguished Alumni Award: This award is the top honor for an alumnus with outstanding personal accomplishments in one's career and/or on behalf of the community.
  2. The Brave Service Award: This is awarded to an alumnus who has demonstrated a significant commitment to the service of the IH School District and its mission. Service can include volunteer time as well as resources.
  3. The Young Brave Award: This award celebrates the outstanding personal achievements  in career or on behalf of the community within 20 years of graduation from IHHS.

Award Files

Alumni Award Nomination Form 2024
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