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Braves Helping Braves

If there were ever a time for our community to pull together, it is now.

Many of you are probably already checking in on senior neighbors and friends. You have been bringing college kids home from a sudden end to their school year. You have been challenged with changes in your work place or your ability to work at all.
Braves Helping Braves.

This coronavirus pandemic affects us all. For some in our District community, the loss of work will be devastating. The good news is we, as a District, are ready to help. You can take positive action now. The Braves Helping Braves Fund has been set up to assist our District neighbors in need.  

The Indian Hill Foundation and the District are once again partnering in new and bold manner.

The IH Foundation, as a 501c3 organization, is set up to accept your donations easily and securely.  
Braves Helping Braves is a restricted fund is used for family needs that cannot be addressed by the school itself – meaning beyond school meals or personal tech support. A Braves Helping Braves (BHB) committee has been setup through the counseling departments at each school and in coordination with Director of Pupil Services Erica Leppert.

District families’ needs can be communicated through an online form (see link below). Counselors will follow up with individual families and provide them with a resource guide. They will take each situation to the BHB committee in complete confidentiality. All coordination of need will be handled confidentially within the BHB committee. The IH Foundation will simply hold the funds until directed to disperse them.
This is an unprecedented time with unprecedented needs. Thank you for considering a donation to the Braves Helping Braves Fund. Your support is a way you can take positive action in an uncertain time. 

Donate on-line: http://weblink.donorperfect.com/BravesHelp

Mail your check with Braves Helping Braves in the memo line to: 
Indian Hill Foundation
6855 Drake Road
Cincinnati OH  45243
att: Braves Helping Braves
Assistance Request Form: