Braves Helping Braves

When an unexpected crisis hits district families, many people want to help in some way.  The Braves Helping Braves (BHB) fund is set up to help you help others.  Your secure and private donation empowers the school counselors to assist district families in crisis in an immediate and impactful way. Efforts are coordinated to support students and their families with expenses such as food, rent and other living expenses. All circumstances are confidential between the family and the counselor.   This is another tool for neighborly care.  It is a tax-deductible donation made in good faith that it will bring comfort in an urgent situation.  Crisis can happen at any time.  Your donation to the Braves Helping Braves fund can ease the way for our district neighbors.  

District families’ needs can be communicated through an online form (see link below). Counselors will follow up with individual families and provide them with a resource guide. They will take each situation to the BHB committee in complete confidentiality. All coordination of need will be handled confidentially within the BHB committee. The IH Foundation will simply hold the funds until directed to disperse them.  Eligibility is limited to immediate family of currently enrolled students and IHEVSD employees, and donations may not be directed to a specific family to protect confidentiality. 

Mail your check with Braves Helping Braves in the memo line to: 
Indian Hill Foundation
6855 Drake Road
Cincinnati OH  45243
att: Braves Helping Braves
Assistance Request Form: