Giving Society Members

Thank you for your generosity!
Pinnacle Society
Chris Arington
Beth and Doug Brendamour
David and Jill Devine
Margaret Brooks Fish
Dean J. Kereiakes
Peter and Laura Klekamp
Dorothy Koch Family Foundation
David C. Lindner
Leigh Anne and Jeff Meurer
Pete and Lynn Robinson
Patti and Kurt Rothfuss
Daniel Vollmer
Lynnette and David Wyler
Steve Zucker and Tal Laor

Cornerstone Society
Beacon Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine
Marci and Gary Blachman
Christ Hospital
Cicchinelli Family
Lisa and Jeff Consolino
Robert and Sharon Gill
Steve Ginn
Peggy and Bruce Greenberg
Wendy and Howard Hammond
Dr. and Mrs. Martin Haskell
The Heekin Family
Michael and Rebecca Holmes
The Krehbiel Foundation
Scott and Allison Holzapfel
Pam and Neil Hoynes
Indian Hill Boosters Association
Valley Asphalt Corporation
Tom and Lori Klinedinst
Kim and Frank Lauch
Anne and Tim McIntyre
R. Bradley Motz
Ashley and Tony Munafo
Rohit and Rajeshri Nayak
Park National Bank
Dan and Lynn Pierce
Keith and Stephanie Rabenold
Marlyn and Marjorie Rabenold
Kitsa and Robert Rhoad
RoundTower Technologies
Robin and Matt Sheakley
Craig and Sue Sumerel
Andy and Chris Swallow
Stephen and Deborah Tranter
Jerri and Mike Wentz
The Dick and Heather Williams Family
Jody Yetzer and Alexander Kayne

Legacy Society
Dr. David and Nancy Aichholz
Jane and Larry Bennett
John M. Bridgeland
Margaret and Mark Budig
The Andrew and Fa'izah Byer Family
J.D. and Maureen Corl
Cindy Crilley
Troy and Carol DeBord
Brock and Liz Denton
Mark and Anne Durket
The Ray Faulkner Family
John and Pam Gibson
Walter L. Gross, lll
Aaron and Macy Hansen Family
Mary Beth and Danny Heilbrunn
Tricia and Eric Johnson
Frankie and Matt Josephic
Tim and Hilary Kremchek
Kevin and Susie Kushman
Bill and Susan Lange
Tami S.and Phillip P. Lanham
Jennifer and Bill Lightcap
The Alan McMillan Family
Mark and Rebekah Miles
The Phillips Family
Mike and Molly Poling
John and Beth Rabenold
Buffie and Eppa Rixey
Mark and Renee Schumacher
John and Marsha Shields
Kristin and Bi Skidmore
Peter and Jen Snow
Kelly and Casey Ward
 Giving Societies recognize active donor's Lifetime Giving through the Indian Hill Foundation as of 7/31/21
Pinnacle Society $25,000+
Cornerstone Society $10,000- $24,999
Legacy Society $5,000-$9,999 
We value our partners in supporting the IH Promise and apologize for any errors or omissions.  Please contact the [email protected] for corrections or questions.