Giving Circle Members

 Thank you for your generosity!

Heritage Circle

Jen and Jeff Bahl                          
Lisa and Jeff Consolino              
Lyle C. Fiore
Frankie and Matt Josephic         
Tal Laor and Steve Zucker
Dr Jiang Yue and Ms Li Li            
Edward Colston Mitchell            
Oliver Family Foundation             
Patti and Kurt Rothfuss
Michael and Debbie Snyder       
Carrie and Mike Vanden Boom 

Scholars Circle
Beth and Doug Brendamour
Cindy Crilley
Dr. Robert and Tina Dinga
Kurtis B. Finch
Margaret Brooks Fish
Neha and Gaurang Gandhi
Jeff and Ann Gibson
Steve Ginn
Aaron and Macy Hansen Family
Scott and Allison Holzapfel
John Kassar
Dean J. Kereiakes
Tom and Lori Klinedinst
Christine and Josh Kommer
Max and Leitha Lind 
Leigh Anne and Jeff Meurer
William H. Moore
R. Bradley Motz
Rebecca Neidich
Marlyn and Marjorie Rabenold
Kitsa and Robert Rhoad
Scott and Janet Sayre
Dr. Rachel Sheridan and Mr. Steve Sheridan
John L Shields
Lawrence John Shields
Geoffrey Flynn Strauss
Andrea and Todd Sumerel
Norma Tassian
The Dick and Heather Williams Family
Carrie and Mike Vanden Boom 
Jody Yetzer and Alexander Kayne

Honors Circle
Gonzalo Aragues 
Carrie Arul
Ray and Kelly Attiyah
Rosemary and Malcolm Ballard
Jane and Larry Bennett
Janee and Aaron Bey
Marci and Gary Blachman
Margaret and Mark Budig
Tony and Sara Cooperrider
Lauren and Timothy Crandall
Jeff Damadeo
Lauren and Mark Donohoo
Debbie and Marc Ericsson
The Ray Faulkner Family
Dr. and Mrs. Mohab Foad
Carrie Friedberg
Walter L. Gross, lll
Shalini Gupta
Michael and Rebecca Holmes
Tricia and Eric Johnson
Megan and Jack Joy
David and Katy Knowles
Tim and Hilary Kremchek
Jennifer and Bill Lightcap
The Lucien Family
Jeff and Laura Mackey
Anne McIntyre
The Alan McMillan Family
Rohit and Rajeshri Nayak
Dr. Manoj and Niharika Singh
Kristin and Bi Skidmore
Marjorie and Ryan Smyth
Peter and Jen Snow
Robert and Nancy Striebich
Andy and Chris Swallow
Stephen and Deborah Tranter
Stephen and Lynne Vollmer
Nick and Kelly Westfall
Shelli Wineland and Doug Dalton

Academic Circle
Keith and Stephanie Rabenold
John and Linda Rabius
Daniel P. Randolph
Dewey and Ellen Renneker
Brent and Kate Rippe
Roxana Rivera
Buffie and Eppa Rixey
Arrianna and Steve Sacks
Janet and William Sarran
Shirley Scharfenberger
Raymond E and Lynda B Schilderink
Whitly and Greg Schoeny
Laurie Schott
Jessica and Chad Scott
J. David Seibert
Brian C. Siekmann
William and Jennifer Simms
Ken Stegman
Bob and Jan Steiner
Dr. Melissa Stewart
Stephanie Sudbrack-Busam
HB and Jeni Thomas
Dave and Kathy Turner
Dr. Barbara Voelkel
Christina and Greg Vollmer
Phil and Bebe Vollmer Family
Shana Waltz
Kelly and Casey Ward
Barbara Watson
Susan Whaley
Tom and Jenny Wilson
The Zahn Family
Gustavo and Juliana Zenaide
Zhonghua Zhang and Cuixia Tian
Toby and Amanda Zou

Friends Circle
Steve Akers
Kathryn Blankenship
James D. Braddock
Kate Brauer-Bell
Raechel D. Bricker
The Andrew and Fa'izah Byer Family
Susan Eberle
Meghan and Adam Erbaugh
Dan and Jodi Feigelson
Stona and Ann Fitch
Ellen and Charlie Florentino
Robert and Pamela Fringer
Linda and Matt Gawne
Bill and Louise Gioielli
Debora B. Gray
Jennifer Herzog
Kep Hinsch
Jennifer  Howell
Elizabeth and Charles Johnson
Gregory A. Johnson
Douglas Knehans and Josephine McLachlan
Patty and Tom Kreitinger
Andrew and Susan Krott
The Langhorst Family
Martin B. McClintock
Mark Miller
Ashley Randall
Jane Rieger
Philip Said
Katherine Scott
Bobbie Buck Seidelmann
Yukitaka and Ayako Shizukuda
Sarah Skinner
The Strickland Family
Kathryn Sloan Strike
Kelly Vaughan
Lisa and Adam Wolter
Giving Circles recognize gifts to the Annual Appeal August 1, 2021 through July 31, 2022
Heritage Circle $2,500+
Scholars Circle $1,000-$2,499
Honors Circle $500-$999
Academic Circle $100-$499
Friends Circle up to $99
We apologize for any errors or omissions in this list.  Please contact [email protected] with corrections.