Class of 1971 Challenge Grant

Class of 1971 Challenge Grant for Digital Arts Technology Lab

 Class of 1971 Challenge Grant for Digital Arts Technology Lab at IHHS

Class of 1971 classmates Dean Kereiakes and Doug Brendamour, life-long friends, have together decided they wanted to support Indian Hill Schools is a meaningful way.  Together with their families, they are accelerating a much-needed computer science and graphic design curriculum for current IHHS students.  They have issued a challenge grant to their fellow classmates and other donors to fund the new IHHS Digital Arts Technology Lab.  See the progress here!

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 In the spring of 2019, the IH School Board approved a new curriculum to dramatically advance classes in computer science and graphic design for better college and career readiness.  "This is not a curriculum that could wait," states Principal Jeff Damadeo.  The initial funding from both Doug and Beth Brendamour and Dean and Anne Kereiakes  jumpstarted a complete remodel of the space that summer so that classes could begin in the Fall of 2019.  This is bold philanthropy in action. 

Their generous commitment of the first $140,000 has already benefited hundreds of students. They are challenging the Class of 1971 and other community donors to match the remaining $70,000 for furnishings and on-going technology needed to continue the vision of this new learning space.  “Their bold philanthropy will greatly accelerate the school’s ability to offer this new and much-needed curriculum,” stated former IHF Board President Andy Swallow.  

The Class of 1971 is planning their 50th Reunion in the fall of 2021.  Completing this legacy gift will be a rewarding, shared accomplishment to celebrate! 

Legacy gifts from both individuals and classes are critical to accelerating and enhancing the classroom experience for current IH students.  If you would like to learn more about philanthropic opportunities to support Indian Hill Schools, please reach out to Lori Klinedinst, Executive Director, Indian Hill Foundation at [email protected].