New to Indian Hill School District

Welcome to Indian Hill School District

We are glad you are here! We hope this page helps you get to know your Transportation Dept. and helps you get a better understanding of the laws and practices put into place for the safety of your children. If you are unable to find the information you need please give us a call at 
On this page you will find:
  • 24-25 New Kindergarten Student Bus Request Form
  • 24-25 New Student - Alternative Bus Stop Request
  • Parent applications used at IH

New Student Transportation Requests

New Student Transportation Requests can be made here. Please read the information below before filling out the form.
  • Before filling out the form please make sure your child is fully enrolled and active. If this is not complete we will not see your student in our routing system and the routing will be delayed. 
  • Please allow 2 - 5 business days for routing. 
  • We will contact you with your students schedule as soon as possible. 

Helpful Information

Final Forms: Use the Final Forms website to put in all the information the school will need for your child by the first day of school. The Transportation Dept. will need information about transportation needs long before the first day of school. Even if you don't currently need a bus please update your student's information. So make sure to fill out any 24-25 forms by the end of this school year and no later than June 30th. 
Pick-Up-Patrol: The Primary School will send you an invite for the PUP app. Make sure to download the app and use it for changes to your student's afternoon dismissal plans. Take special care in creating your DEFAULT PLAN. Use DAILY CHANGES when you need to make a temporary change to the DEFAULT PLAN. 

StopFinder parent app: The Stopfinder app is where you will see your student/s schedules and get updates about your schedule. Go to the StopFinder info. page to learn more. 
  • Your StopFinder invitation will be sent out the same day that your student's schedule is ready. The invitation will go to the primary contact that you listed in Final Forms. If you wish to change the contact please go in and do so before your student is routed. 
Short-Term & Long-Term Alternative Transportation Forms: If you ever need your student to ride a bus other than the one they are assigned to, make sure you fill out an Alternative Transportation Form. Short-term alternative transportation requests will not be available until September 3rd after the Labor Day Break.

Add Transportation phone numbers to your phone: You may receive phone calls from 513-272-4530, 513-272-4531, and 513-272-4532. IH district phones typically start with 513-272-....

Kindergarten Students: All KDG students will need a parent or other approved person at the drop-off stop. If no one is at the stop to receive the student the bus will return to the Transportation Dept. where you can pick them up. Click here to get directions to the Transportation Dept.