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Alternative Transportation

CHANGES to your students normal transportation plan

Alternative Transportation

Please be aware that no driver will accept a student not assigned to their bus on without permission from the Transportation Dept. office. This means that any short term changes to your child's normal schedule will have a daily time deadline for submission. For long term request, please submit the form 1 week prior to the needed transportation changes.

IMPORTANT! Please know your students school ID # and Assigned bus # for the AM & PM. A great way to know your child's current bus # is sign up for STOP FINDER. 

PLEASE READ - Alternative Transportation Guidelines - Guidelines must be followed when requesting alternative transportation for your child.

Shared Parenting Form - This form should be used for families with shared parenting that results in a need for alternate transportation requests.

Primary/Elementary Schools - Short Term Request - PICK UP PATROL

Primary/Elementary Schools - Long Term Request - PDF Form or Online Form - The online form is provided for your convenience but we must be able to confirm the details. The contact information given in this form (email & phone #) must match the contact information that you have submitted into the Final Forms system, please make sure that your Final Forms are up-to-date. You will also be required to know and submit your student's school ID number on the Online Form
(?does primary/elementary use final forms?)

Middle/High School Short Term Request - PDF Form or Online Form - MUST BE SUBMITTED BY 1PM. 
We need your permission to accept Online Form Route Changes. Please submit this form ASAP. 

Middle/High School Long Term Request - PDF Form or Online Form - 

Important! Online Permission Form - If you wish to submit an Online Form for changes in your child's schedule then the Transportation Dept. must have your permission before we can act on these requests. 

How this works for drivers - 
Office checks requests forms at 1pm / print 2 copies / highlight date of change - assigned bus # - Name & address of alternate stop - look up bus # for the alternate stop & write on paper / Give the changes to both the assigned & alternate drivers

Parents requesting alternative transportation for:
Primary and/or Elementary Schools will now be using the Pick-Up Patrol Program.
Please contact the Primary School 513.272.4754 or the Elementary School 513.272.4703 for directions and log in information.
Middle School and/or High School parents will need to fill out and turn in the Alternative Transportation Form. There are links to the short and long term forms to the right. A pdf can be printed at home or a copy  can be picked up from the office. Please fill out this form and have your student return it to the office.  
The student will be given a bus pass that they must present to the bus driver. Middle School 513.272.4642  or High School 513.272.4550.
  • Please note that if the student does not have a signed permission slip from the office the bus driver is not permitted to transport that student.
  • Once a student boards the bus, he or she will not be permitted to disembark unless a parent or school official asks for his or her release. A parent may be required to show identification and sign a release form. 
  • Requests can be short term or long term. Please read the PDF below Transportation Guidelines for additional information.