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Home of the Braves Donors as of April 18, 2019

Thank you for making the Home of the Braves a reality!  For changes to your listing, please contact Debbie.Ericsson@indianhillschools.org.  Listing as of 4/18/19.  All names subject to approval by the IHEVSD Board of Education. 
Shawnee Family
Indian Hill Exempted Village School District
In Honor of Donald and Marianne Klekamp
Herbert and Maria Vallier in honor of Dominic D. Vallier

Miami Family
Chris Arington and Family
David and Jill Devine
The Farmer Family Foundation
      Brynne Farmer Coletti, Class of 1975; Scott Farmer, Class of 1977; Amy Farmer Joseph, Class of 1982 
The Austin E. Knowlton Foundation       
Jeff and Leigh Anne  Meurer
Lynette and David Wyler

Iroquois Family
Jen and Jeff Bahl
Beacon Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine
Indian Hill Boosters
Chris Ciccinelli      
Frank Lauch 
David C. Lindner in memory of Mitch Thuering
Robert Lindner, Jr. 
Pete and Lynn Robinson
Daniel H. Vollmer Family
Sarah and Garrett Youngblood

Algonquin Family
Lyle Fiore       
Bahl Family Foundation
Dan and Tonya Hillenbrand 
Michael and Rebecca Holmes
The Krehbiel Foundation
Indian Hill Recreation Commission
Gary and Amy Mitchell
Jake and Charlie Sumerel
The Vollmer Family

Chippewa Family
The Adair Family 
The Aichholz Family 
The Barton Family 
Marci, Gary, Renee and Joel Blachman 
Burke and Jennifer Byer 
Bob Castellini, Jr. 
Brock and Liz Denton 
Greg and Amy Dowling 
Margaret Brooks Fish
The Fovel Family 
Dave and Amy Fox 
Jeff and Ann Gibson 
Josh  and Michelle Guttman
Howard and Wendy Hammond 
Aaron and Macy Hansen Family
Heimann Family
The Hiatt Family
Scott and Allison Holzapfel
The Hoynes Family
Indian Hill Football Club
John R. Jurgensen Co./Valley Asphalt 
Aly and Jody Kane       
Tom and Lori Klinedinst
Bill and Susan Lange
Tyler and Stephanie McMullen
R. Bradley Motz
The O'Dell Family 
The Phillips Family
Anna, Ellie and John Podojil 
Keith and Stephanie Rabenold
The Rhoad Family
Buffie and Eppa Rixey
Round Tower Technologies, LLC
Matt and Robin Sheakley
Pam and Rob Sibcy       
David and Andrea Singer       
Peter and Jen Snow
The South Family
Stephen and Deborah Tranter
David, Kara, Avery and Alex Valz
Mark and Karri Verratti
The Ward Family
Mike and Jerri Wentz 
Stephen and Stephanie West
Nick and Kelly Westfall       

Large Paver
Brunner Family in honor of Nadine M. Brunner
The Bosley Family
Coffman Family, Classes of 2023,2026 &2027
Dr. Dean Kereiakes 
The Kereiakes Family
Phillip and Tami Lanham 
Mark and Rebekah Miles
Rohit and Rajeshri Nayak
Andy and Chris Swallow
Phil and Bebe Vollmer Family

Medium Paver
Shirley Dever Burroughs 
The Consolino Family
Elspeth England
The Ericsson Family
Eddie and Theresa Hooker       
The Klaserner Family
The Kommer Family
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Lundberg
Magner Family 
Major Family, Alex/Madeline       
The Alan McMillan Family
Gregg and Emily Pancero
John and Heather Pratt
John and Julie Richardson
The Roeder Family 

Small Paver
Fu B. Family       
Bader Brothers 
Bell Family 
Jane and Larry Bennett
Avery E. Brown 
Jennifer and Bill Brunette
Chen Family, Myles & Mason 
Chun Family 
Bentley Dalton
William Dalton 
Lauren and Mark Donohoo
Dr. and Mrs. Mohab Foad
The Folke Family       
2015 Hardy 2026
Douglas and Elizabeth Johnston
Kahn Family
Sam & AJ King 
Drs. Kode
Kushman Family
ADL 2020
CKL 2020
MHL 2021
MHL 2024 
Leder Family 
Jennifer and Bill Lightcap
The Lucien Family
Maccarone Fam
Jeff and Laura Mackey
Beth Mitchell 
Neumann Family 
Oakes Family 
The Parlin Family
Max Ruschau 19 
Vaishali and Nilesh Shah
Sharif Family 
David and Sydney Tasner
Tindale Family 
Steph Tranter 
VandenBoom '23
VandenBoom '25 
Stephen and Susan Whaley
Jack & Miles Wilson
Withers Family
YanesDiehl Fam 
Elsa&Grace Zhou
The Zins       

Braves Friends
Donald F. A'Hearn
Zeenat Ali       
Jon and Teresita August
Amy Campa
Elmer and Diana Cole
Jeff and Sue Dilbone
Renie Dohrmann       
Jen Faber
MaryLou and George Forte
Baojin Fu and Shanhong Wang
Mike Griggs and Karla Burtch
Trevor and Melody Hamilton
Tad and Kate Hinckley
The Innis Family
Kathy and Howard Jinkinson
Jeff and Melissa Ledford
The Messinger Family
Anu and Shekhar Mitra
Cindy and Todd Neumann
Scott and Gail Nichols
Michael V. Petraglia
Michael M. Pfister
Lina Rice
Bert and Pauline Sheard
Becca and Bobby Slattery
Mark and Kristin Sneider
The Zhang Family