Our #IHPromise

Strategic Plan Update

The Indian Hill School District is within the first year of our five-year strategic plan, the #IHPromise. As we continue to prioritize our students by empowering their voice in a personalized, collaborative, and inclusive learning environment, we want to celebrate the work that has moved our plan forward during the 2022-2023 school year.

By the numbers:
    80+ faculty and staff are taking part in strategic plan initiative teams, meeting regularly to research best practices and take site tour visits.
    10 initiatives help us focus on developing Learners as Doers, Learners as Individuals, and Learners at the Whole Child.
    1,200+ hours have been dedicated to this work by our Brave Leadership and Initiative Teams.

We are already seeing the #IHPromise in action across our campus:
    Indian Hill Primary School: Student research of natural habitats led to a formal wildlife designation for that campus.
    Indian Hill Elementary School: Students worked collaboratively to design an inclusive playground.
    Indian Hill Middle School: Students researched inclusion to create the school’s first silent disco.
    Indian Hill High School: Nearly 50 students will participate in pitching 24 real-world business ideas to a team of professionals to vet; our Indian Hill Foundation will sponsor winning plans for our debut Big Pitch event.

One initiative, Streamline Communications, fully launched this school year in August.

On Monday, February 6, these are the celebrations the District shared with members of the original strategic plan steering team and advisory team who met with administrators and teacher leaders to review updates on the #IHPromise Strategic Plan. More than 40 participants engaged in three rounds of discussion to provide feedback on the positives, the concerns, and new ideas centered on moving initiatives into new phases.

What we heard:
    Keep terminology clear, simple, and consistent.
    Continue to streamline initiative communication, based on feedback.
    Our approach to research is rigorous and will move the work forward.
    We are looking forward to how these initiatives impact the learner experience at Indian Hill Schools.

What we are doing:
    Leveraging the connections between initiatives to streamline the language and action steps related to our #IHPromise.
    Removing barriers to support professional learning among colleagues within the school day.
    Developing resources to clarify what our #IHPromise looks and sounds like in our learning spaces.

What is next:
    Digging into the feedback from the event in building and initiative teams.
    Leveraging our Personalized Professional Learning to focus on key practices tied to initiatives.
    Creating opportunities for students, staff, and the community to engage in our work now and in the future.

We look forward to the collaborative work ahead with learners, educators, community members, and partners. Click here to review the executive summary that was shared during the February meeting.

Photo caption: More than 40 original members of the steering and advisory teams gathered at Indian Hill Elementary School to review progress on the #IHPromise strategic plan with educators on February 6, 2023.

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