The IHMS "Three Rs"


Curriculum at the Middle School is rigorous, and students rise to the challenge: over 60% of Middle School students participate in Honors Math, with 60% of 7th and 8th graders taking high school-level courses and earning high school credit.

The Middle School enhances instruction by using technology through a Bring Your Own program that allows for Just-In-Time learning and enhanced/extended educational opportunities. A STEM program combines Science and Math classes, allowing students to explore these topics in depth while also gaining insight into skills needed for STEM careers, such as robotics, engineering and aerodynamics.

Intervention and enrichment opportunities are provided through a variety of programs, such as the BRAVES program, peer mentorship with Indian Hill High School students, and After School Study Tables. Monthly and quarterly reviews of individualized student data and classroom performance ensure each student is receiving the support and challenge required for his/her top performance.

Relationships are of course a key part to an effective learning environment, and Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) are key to the Middle School’s success. Classes use group learning to develop collaborative skills and an attitude of teamwork and support. The Positive Behavioral Intervention & Supports (PBIS) program has been extremely successful in instilling pride and a feeling of excellence in students who are making the transition to young adults. BRAVES Council, a service organization, teaches students they can make a difference while teaching leadership skills.

Over 75% of Middle School students participate in some sort of athletic or extracurricular program. There are opportunities for all interests, with 20 athletic teams covering 16 sports, as well as 11 additional extracurricular options ranging from academic to art/music to leadership. Students may also take music and performance lessons through the Cincinnati Academy of Performing Arts, which provides instruction on-site.