1987 Alum joins 5K from Uruguay

5,421 miles can’t keep down the #OneBrave spirit!  We were delighted to get an email and photos from Pablo Kalbemann, IHHS ’87, all the way from Montevideo, Uruguay!

Pablo was a foreign exchange student for his senior year from 1986-1987 at IHHS.  We are so proud that he chose to share in the Conquer the Hill from so far away.  We caught up with him to find out more about his unwavering #OneBrave spirit:
Great memories:
“I have really good memories of my time as an exchange student at IHHS, from 1986 - 1987. I had a really very nice experience, made friends, enjoyed my classes. I remember many of my fellow students and friends (Brandon, Paul, Mexico, Ted, Marci, Cathy, James, Andy, Erin, Rich), my teachers (Mrs Conelly, Mr Benken, Mr. Nellis, Mr Bernard,.....), DECA club, running Cross Country, writing about my country in Chieftain, painting the whole set from a drama play, graduation, I could go on forever.”

“1986: no internet for me, no mobile phones, no distractions at all .... just having fun, learning from my American experience, making friends by talking directly, no time to think about home. Enjoyed going to parties, to Skyline Chili, movies, sports,.... after I returned to Uruguay, I always stayed in touch with some of my American friends, first writing handwritten letters .... after that: email came, now whatsapp: it helps to stay connected with long lasting friends and with my host family. It has been 34 years but no matter of time, I love saying I was part of IHHS.”

Pablo has an MBA and is a public accountant. He lives with his family in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Advice for IH Seniors:
"For seniors graduating now, it is so easy to stay in touch, there are no communication delays (no waiting for 3 or 4 weeks for a hand written letter), everything is quick and immediate: emails, mobile, whatsapp, zoom, meet, so any ways to keep in touch, but most important: getting together as often as possible. Everyone goes to a college in different cities, but there is always "Homecoming", Christmas, New Year, so many excuses to return home and see your friends in person. Covid has made us think that it is ok to just keep in touch through a screen or a phone (I´ve been doing that for a long time), but it is not. I would love to see my friends and fellow students in person. There was a 30 year reunion, that I could not made and would have loved to go."

Thank you, Pablo, for staying connected and sharing your memories!  #OneBrave