Brave innovation? There’s an app for that …

App Exhibition at IHHS

The new Indian Hill High School Digital Arts Technology Lab was the scene of end-of-semester exhibition excitement Friday, December 6. Computer Science Principles AP students paired up to breathe life into original ideas – creating fully functioning apps for some creative competition. 

“This project was a practice in growth mindset techniques,” said teacher Jordan Siebenaller. “While creating apps, rarely does anything work exactly how they want it to on the first try. There are always improvements, bugs to fix, and reformatting. Since the students are invested in the project by creating their own app of their own liking, when they come upon a problem they have to hunker down, dive deeper into the issue, and come up with solutions.”

Students spent time both inside and outside of the classroom brainstorming, planning, creating, and programming the apps, which they showed how to use through a video report. Visitors toured the exhibition, talked with students about the apps they created, and rated how well the students performed.

“This project allowed the students to learn by collaborating with others, and gives them the chance to be creative and express themselves while applying their learning so far in Computer Science Principles,” said Siebenaller. “We set up the competition and app exhibition as a way for our larger educational community to have the opportunity to come in and see the cool things our science students are doing and creating in this new course and space.”

Photo caption: Indian Hill High School students showcased app creations Friday, December 6, 2019, inside the new Digital Arts Technology Lab.