Meet Carrie Vanden Boom

Carrie Vanden Boom

My family is fairly new to the Indian Hill School District. We moved here in 2016. I wanted to connect with the community, so I started volunteering within the schools. This will be my fourth year serving on the Indian Hill Boosters Board. 

To me, being Brave is a commitment to being the best version of ourselves that we can be. Showing respect for others, embracing diversity, and ensuring we are inclusive of all students and all families. 

The Boosters organization supports our students as they participate in academic clubs, sports competitions, and arts productions. As the president of this organization, and on behalf of the members I serve alongside, I assure you it is our #IHPromise to support our students by helping to provide world-class education, experiences, and guidance to become motivated, respectful, and impactful adults.

Our organization supports and celebrates each student’s unique passion. A team of enthusiastic and dedicated parent volunteers lead the way to be inclusive of our extracurricular activities. We bring school spirit to our community and are thankful to our members and sponsors who fuel the possibilities and experiences we can help provide for our students.