Alumni at the head of the class (or team)


Pictured L to R, Back row: Cash Hayden, ES Asst Principal; Wade Ward, Varsity Tennis Coach; Benn VanOudenallen - HS Social Studies. Front row: Samantha Sayer Frodge - MS Latin; Austin Sayer - HS English; Josh Glaser Robertson - HS Media Center; Vera McVicker Hayslip - MS Science. Not pictured: Adam Boehm - Varsity Golf Coach; Brad Hamilton and Dorian McGruder - Asst Football coaches.

Cash Hayden (1995), ES Asst Principal:  "For me, leading current IH students  means I get to build into the future generations of IH alumni. I am part of the     process that grows and innovates the academics, arts, athletics, and whole-child experience that distinguishes our district ...At the ES I learn how to play and bring excitement into everyday learning and experiences. Every day at recess, I work with our 3rd graders on playing cooperatively and engage with others in a positive way. 

As an educator my perspectives are constantly expanding; in order to meet the needs of each student I must be open to understanding the similarities, differences, and experiences that shape each student. "

Austin Sayre (2001) HS English: "When you teach where you went to high school you have the unique experience of navigating the same space as both your adult self and your younger self. It reminds me to stop and appreciate everything that is wonderful, and empathize with everything that is hard about being a teenager. And when my students are in the middle of one of those bad days, I hope I can offer myself up as living proof that, even when it's hard you will survive, and you might even want to come back!"

Wade Ward (2004) Men's & Women's Varsity Tennis Coach: "It means a lot to be back at the school coaching the sport I played during my time here. I enjoy being a coach, mentor, and role model to the next generation of IH graduates and tennis players...My goal has always been to make my student athletes better people on and off the court. It is really cool to be back coaching with Adam Wolter, who was my coach during my time at Indian Hill."