Surprise gift honors Brave Service of Dennis Dupps

Steve Ginn, long-time IHF supporter, celebrated the Brave Service Award for Dennis Dupps with an incredibly generous gift of approximately $30,000 worth of technology equipment to benefit Mr. Dupps' Indian Hill Television Network.  It is truly a gift that benefits everyone in the IH schools community.  

"This generous donation of a remote production system will give our students access to the most current technology in the broadcast industry. Everything is moving to NDI (Network Device Interface) and it is the backbone of this new system. Special thanks to Steve Ginn for making these experiences possible,"  states Mr Dupps. 

  Students will get to learn the most up-to-date methods and members of the district community will certainly benefit from these upgrades.  Steve Ginn is the parent of an IH alum and was also interested in the work that Mr. Dupps has done to stay on the cutting edge of fast-moving technology. "Steve has given many gifts through the IH Foundation to support technology programming and we are honored to help steward his generosity," states Lori Klinedinst, IHF Executive Director. 
Photo l to r: Steve Ginn, Dennis Dupps, Janet McMillan at the April 2022 celebration 

Former students Larry Shields (02) and his father John Shields (71) with Mr. Dupps


Steve Ginn, Larry Shields, Dennis Dupps and former student Jacob Logeman