Breaking out of the box in Elementary School!

Have you ever felt the thrill of solving all the clues to get out of an escape room? Then you can imagine how excited our ES students are to "break out" from a lockbox during their GoTime at the Elementary School.  The IH Foundation approved a grant requested by Mr. Lee Jimenez for additional Breakout boxes to challenge students during their flex time,  called GoTime.  To unlock the box, a team of students must work together to solve problems, riddles and puzzles.  Students are actively involved to try to figure out the codes and answers to unlock all the locks and reveal the prize/reward in the box. They are given a set of clues and a variety of materials to use to "break out."  Mr. Jimenez says, "The clues can be from any subject and each mission tends to have a combination of subjects. Our last mission for example included Math, Reading, Spelling, and Social Studies."

Students love it!
Zachary- He likes the challenges of having multiple locks and having to think outside of the box.

Ayla - She likes how it is always challenging and you have to work together in groups to figure out the locks

Naama - Each mission is a different challenge and different clues to figure out the code. 

Mr. Jimenez says, "The Breakouts we participate in allow students to interact with content in an original and entertaining format.  Students have to persevere, work together, and problem solve to complete the missions. It is so rewarding to observe students complete a mission!" 

We couldn't agree more!  Thanks to our donors who help us "complete the mission" and fulfill the IH Promise for our students.