New: Experienceships at IHHS!

The Indian Hill Foundation is proud to partner with the Indian Hill High School to launch a new program for our students called Experienceships. Led by Indian Hill High School teacher, Wendy Silvius, and Foundation board member, Shelli Wineland, the Experienceship program will connect Indian Hill students with alumni and community professionals who inspire, educate, guide and provide career experiences to enable our students to make informed decisions on college curriculum and career paths.

The Experienceship program has 4 areas of focus:
 Awareness, Development, Mentorship and Experienceships.  

Through these areas, students will be exposed to potential careers, develop skills such as resume building and interviewing, create relationships with mentors and eventually engage in on-site learning in the working community. 
If you would like to be involved in this exciting new opportunity for our students to gain real world experience, we would love to hear from you.  Involvement can range from classroom speaking to mentorship to providing job shadowing or even an internship.  To share your knowledge with our students, please email Debbie Ericsson at [email protected]