Big Pitch Progress Update: Braves on a Mission

This update is provided by Big Pitch winner Marley Cady, who had the idea for organized service projects known as Braves on a Mission.  After months of planning, their first project was successfully completed on November 5, 2023.


Students traveled to the organization, Sleep in Heavenly Peace’s warehouse to build and deliver beds to children who are currently sleeping on the floor in our city. This project was the first of the new program, Braves on a Mission, which is being supported and funded through the Big Pitch. Braves on a Mission’s goal is to provide immersive service projects for students that will give them real-world experience while connecting them with the ones they serve. Students found themselves utilizing their foreign language skills they’ve learned in Spanish class which fostered a deeper connection with those who were being served.

Students that attended said it was "life changing and memorable".

The bed build/delivery was an eye-opening and meaningful experience that perfectly encapsulated the goal of Braves on a Mission - to connect with those we are serving through hands-on, immersive service projects.

We have formed a Leadership team of 6 students of all different interests in order to collectively come together to make a platform that will impact students for years to come. So far, we have 25 students that have joined us in our mission.  More projects are planned for January, March and April 2024.

The Big Pitch is an innovation competition started in spring of 2023.  Foundation support made the prize money possible to jump start these student-developed initiatives.  Stay tuned as we follow the progress of both Braves on a Mission and Project Tech throughout the school year.