Indian Hill School District hosts debut National STEM Academy for educators

National STEM Academy

The Indian Hill School District is excited to announce a debut National STEM Academy designed for educators taking place at the new state-of-the-art Indian Hill Middle School building June 6 and 7. The National STEM Academy features keynote presentations from national STEM learning thought leaders, along with focused breakout presentations from world-class Indian Hill School District faculty and staff.

“It is thrilling to take the learning our educators have experienced through the rigor of earning multiple Ohio STEM designations and our AASA JASON Learning national STEM designation, and share that information with attendees from districts across the country,” said Indian Hill CEO/Superintendent Kirk Koennecke. “We are united in our passion for advancing STEM education for all students!”

Indian Hill earned Ohio STEM Learning Network (OSLN) STEM School Designation for primary, elementary, and high schools the past two years, and the Indian Hill School District is one of six districts in the nation that has received the AASA and JASON Learning STEM Designation. The debut National STEM Academy includes partnerships with leading organizations such as JASON Learning, Paradigm Cyber Ventures, Greenacres Foundation, Battelle, and the Teaching Institute for Excellence in STEM (TIES). Sponsors include Protect Ed, SAM Labs, Sphero, Aramark, and LOTH. 

“These collaborations enrich our learning environments, bringing real-world expertise and opportunities directly to our students and faculty,” said Koennecke. “We are incredibly excited to meet these education game-changers during the National STEM Academy and continue to collaborate to create the best STEM learning experience for all students!”