Indian Hill Financial Prospectus: Building a Brave Future

Mick Davis

On behalf of our Board of Education, the administration, the teachers, and the staff members of the Indian Hill School District, I am pleased to present to you our sixth-annual Financial Prospectus, which will be mailed to all members of our community and is accessible now on our district website. This update will provide you a look at how our financial planning has evolved based on key variables, the benefit of private/grant funding to our students and our community, and our continued dedication to be responsible guardians over the investment our taxpayers make in our organization through conservative fiscal management.

From the successful completion and opening of our renovated and new facilities – including the Sue Harder Memorial Performing Arts Center – to our planning of a state-of-the-art, majority privately funded Indian Hill Athletic Fieldhouse, we have seen unparalleled shifts in our campus since our first Financial Prospectus report.

Most sincerely, as the CFO/Treasurer, I want to offer you – our valued investor – a message of gratitude. Thank you for supporting the dreams of our students, and welcome home to your Indian Hill School District. If you ever have a question regarding our district finances, my door is always open.

Mick Davis
Indian Hill Exempted Village School District
Posted March 21, 2024

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