IH Boosters President

By Indian Hill CEO/Superintendent Kirk Koennecke

Sarah Hagopian is an incredible EduHERO.

She leads one of our amazing partner organizations as president of the Indian Hill Boosters, and she volunteers countless hours to give back to our Brave community. We sincerely appreciate her so much.

Excellence matters to the Indian Hill Boosters. During the 2022-2023 school year, the Indian Hill Boosters organization donated $174,400 to our District. The Boosters organization supports our students as they participate in arts, athletics, and extracurricular clubs.

It is my pleasure to introduce to you the 2023-2024 Indian Hill Boosters president, Sarah Hagopian:

Meet Sarah Hagopian
Indian Hill Boosters President
Our family moved into the District in 2016.  We were moving back to Cincinnati after four years out-of-state.  With two school-aged children, we opted to prioritize the school district first and decided on Indian Hill.  At the time, our children were in second and fourth grades; now both are in high school.

Being a Brave means honesty, integrity, hard work, and community. We hold ourselves and each other accountable to high standards, and we encourage each other along the way.

To me, the #IHPromise means that our children are supported and given every opportunity to thrive. They are supported as learners and encouraged to develop themselves into well-rounded young adults and critical thinkers.

I became involved in the Indian Hill Boosters organization because of its multifaceted support of athletics, arts, and extracurricular activities. Boosters supports students as they develop outside of the classroom through participation in school sports, music, theater, and clubs. Our work aligns with the #IHPromise by supporting learners as a whole child.  I would invite families to learn more about our mission at indianhillboosters.com and support our work by becoming Boosters members or helping out at an event.

Photo caption: IH Boosters President Sarah Hagopian with her husband, Jacques Hagopian