Braves on a Mission: 25,000 meals packed in an hour

Braves on a Mission update:  First all-school project creates 25,000 meal kits! 

On January 17th during our Flex period, our juniors and seniors packed 25,000 meals in less than one hour. This service event was in partnership with the organization, "A Child's Hope International", a non-profit focused on serving children all around the world. While the juniors and seniors packed, the freshman and sophomores watched a video surrounding the project and where the meals were being sent. The meals that we packed were shipped to Esuatini, a small country in Southern Africa. This was Braves on a Mission's FIRST school-wide service event and we were so happy to bring our school together to enjoy some friendly competition towards a great cause. Be on the lookout for our next event with A Child's Hope International, where we will be competing with other high schools in the area at "The Crosstown Packout" to see which school can pack the most meals.

Marley Cady, Big Pitch '23 winner and founder of Braves on a Mission, states,
 "It was so cool to see everyone in our school competing with each other, seeing who could pack the most meals. It brought us together as a school and we all enjoyed doing something greater than ourselves."