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A New Year’s Resolution

Superintendent Dr. Mark Miles

What do you resolve to achieve in the New Year?

While the idea of a New Year’s resolution can feel cliché – if you think about a resolution as a promise, it begins to gain some substance, because a promise – according to Merriam-Webster is “to pledge to do, bring about, or provide.” At the Indian Hill Exempted Village School District, we talk frequently about our Indian Hill Promise … to create magic in the classroom – to generate a spark – to encourage our students to think, to question, and to grow. We promise to provide unparalleled opportunities in academics, the arts, and athletics, getting to know each child’s individual talents and interests, and supporting the beauty of the diversity in all of our students.

It is a significant resolution to make. Each New Year, each new month, each new week, each new day, each interaction we have with our students is an opportunity to fulfill the #IHPromise. Our promise is what drives every decision we make.

One way to achieve success for your resolution is to talk about it – to share the experience with others. This New Year, as a District, we resolve to do just that. Throughout the remainder of this school year – you will see the #IHPromise articulated like never before … beginning with a new way to share this information on our website. Visit indianhillschools.org to see the story of what our Braves dream to become, and what our staff is doing to ensure those dreams come true. 

This New Year, that is ultimately my wish for you … that what you dream to achieve becomes your reality. Happy New Year.  

Mark T. Miles, Ph.D.
Posted January 8, 2019