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The Gift of Hope

Mark Junior

Within the walls of my school – beginning in elementary, and throughout my studies in middle school and high school – I was surrounded by adults I admired and respected. These caring educators who helped me to learn and grow gave me a priceless gift … hope.

Hope through their relationships; hope through their knowledge; hope through their experience; hope through their understanding; hope through their compassion; and hope through their kindness. The gift they bestowed upon me was timeless. They helped me to craft a story for myself I could never have imagined on my own.

That is the power residing within the walls of a school.

Every member of our team at the Indian Hill School District has the unique opportunity to give each of our students this same gift. From the custodian who greets our Braves with a smile, to the teacher who helps our Braves discover their passion, to the coach who cheers our Braves on … we are an extended family providing unparalleled opportunities in academics, the arts, and athletics, getting to know each child’s individual talents and interests, and supporting the beauty of the diversity in all of our students. That is the Indian Hill Promise.

In my daily work as Superintendent of Schools for this amazing community, past experiences and interactions are never far from my mind. It pushes me to make the most out of each opportunity I have with our students – because I know that some gifts have the ability to last a lifetime.

This holiday season – perhaps above all else – I wish you hope. It has the power to change lives.


Mark T. Miles, Ph.D.

Photo caption: A young Mark Miles.