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IHHS Senior Trip

Although senior year means many lasts, it also means many firsts. Our first trip as a grade means more time to spend with your friends, as well as time to meet people you’ve never had the chance to talk to. Three full days in Chicago gave us a break from the stress of school and gave us a last opportunity to bond with our grade. From shopping on Michigan Avenue to exploring Navy Pier, senior trip was an amazing weekend, one of our last high school memories that most of us will remember forever. Our last night in Chicago, we boarded the boat to take a cruise around the harbor. Crowded on the dance floor, we savored each song as our entire grade jumped in unison. This dance was special, different from any homecoming; it was something we were able to share with only ourselves. The six-hour bus ride home, everyone was exhausted. But in the minds of every person on that bus, we were now bonded as a grade forever.

Soon, the stress and the worrying will kick in. Where will we go to school? What will we study? We will start to receive college decisions, and the rest of our lives will start approaching faster than they ever have before. Uncertainty plagues us, as many of us still don’t know where we’ll end up next year. It’s comforting to hang on to these last moments, to make the best of our lives now, before we leave behind some of our best memories for something completely new. Next year when we’re all gone, senior trip is something every one of us will continue to look back on. Senior trip bonded us as a group, and times like these make me proud to be a part of Indian Hill High School Class of 2020.

Photo caption: Senior Tara Keenan with her friends in Chicago during the Indian Hill High School senior trip.