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Indian Hill High School students ‘TAP’ into medical field through innovative internships

IHHS TAP MD Students

The learning environment is anything but typical.

From witnessing a live kidney removal surgery to spending time observing a working trauma and emergency care center, Indian Hill High School (IHHS) students traded traditional Braves spirit wear for professional white coats this semester as young medical interns in training. The students are actively practicing medical procedures, visiting health care facilities, and learning from practicing physicians about specific outreach, like Doctors without Borders. This unparalleled high school learning opportunity is the result of collaboration between IHHS and TAP MD, part of The Health Collaborative’s Healthcare Workforce Innovation Department.

“I’m really thankful I was accepted into this program as I was very nervous about it at first,” said IHHS student and TAP MD intern Vivek Alamuri. “The biggest benefit for me is having exclusive time to talk and ask questions with professionals and making connections with them for when I need advice or want to shadow a specific type of doctor.”

Alamuri is one of four IHHS students working as a TAP MD intern this semester. Students apply in the fall of their junior year. The program runs from January of their junior year through December of their senior year. Students participate in an activity and/or shadow experience about once a month during that calendar year.

“I decided to pursue TAP MD as I have a serious interest in having a career in medicine,” said IHHS student and TAP MD intern Will Campa. “I have wanted to become a doctor for as long as I can remember. The biggest benefit for me has been being able to interact with medical professionals from multiple specialties and positions. Thanks to this program, I have been fortunate enough to shadow a few of them in the hospital and the operating room, which is not something a lot of high school students can say they’ve been able to do.”

“This is valuable experience to have while in high school,” said Nollis Cottrell, Indian Hill High School counselor. “Before going into the program, many students only know about being a physician or a nurse, but there are so many more opportunities about which they can learn. The program gets them excited about a future in health care, or helps them discover a different path.” 

“I decided to apply to TAP MD because my sister participated in the program and enjoyed it,” said IHHS student and TAP MD intern Maggie Jutze. “It actually helped her decide that she didn't want to be a doctor, and she is now pursuing a major in engineering. I knew that TAP MD would be beneficial for me because I am considering medical school and I wanted first-hand experience of what my life would be like as a doctor.” 

“I’d certainly recommend this program to other students,” said Alamuri. “It introduces participants into unseen aspects of healthcare, helps establish connections and actually learn what being a doctor is all about at a deeper level.”

The IHHS TAP MD students for this semester include: Vivek Alamuri, Wandrille Bonniol, Will Campa, and Maggie Jutze.

IHHS TAP MD Students

Photo caption: Indian Hill High School students are learning about the medical profession as interns through The Health Collaborative’s Healthcare Workforce Innovation Department TAP MD program.