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Freshman Scheduling

Frequently Asked Questions for Freshman Scheduling

How many classes am I allowed to take?
You have up to 7 full year periods to fill. You can mix required courses, electives, and study halls to make up the 7 each semester (half of the school year). Some will be year long courses and some will be semester long. 

What classes are required for 9th graders?
All 9th graders must take:
• English (College Prep or Advanced): All year
• Biology (Regular or Advanced): All year
• World History: All year
• Math (your current teacher will let you know): All year
• Physical Education: One semester

That leaves you with 2 and a half classes to choose from. One of these will probably be a foreign language class. 

How do I choose the rest of my classes?
Consider the graduation requirements given to you by your HS Counselor. Another copy of Graduation requirements is given to parents at the Program Review Night. You have the full four years of high school to fulfill them but start thinking about them now.

Requirements to consider:
• You need to finish at least the second level of a foreign language 
• You will need 2 credits (4 semesters) in Fine or Practical Arts
• You will need a semester in Applied Technology (Computers) 
• You will need a semester of Speech 

Do I have to fill my schedule?
Yes, but you can have an Intervention Period (Study Hall) either one or both semesters, if you think you need the time to get work done. This could be because you have lots of activities after school or you just need the extra time to finish work.

Don’t overfill your schedule your freshman year. Take on what you can handle based on your graduation requirements. 

Speech and/or an Applied Technology are recommended early in the high school years.

How will high school grading be different from Middle School?
In HS, courses are graded by individual course credit. If you fail a course that is required, you must take that course over again.

Each core HS course (English, Foreign Language, Social Studies, Math, and Science) must give a semester final. This is worth 20% of your semester grade. 

Who do I talk to about the classes I choose?
There are lots of people to ask about what classes you should take:
• Your current teachers
• Parents
• Your MS Counselors
• Your HS Counselors

What else should I consider when making my schedule?
Choose courses that fit your interests, passion, and personality. Look for things you enjoy as well as things you might want to do in the future.

Never pick classes based these ideas: who might teach it or whether your friends will be in it.

What do I do if I am considering going to another school next year?
Fill out a schedule and turn it in anyway. Lots of things could happen. If you do attend another school, you will have to formally withdraw, and we can drop you from the classes you choose. You might just decide to return.

What kind of help is available if I want to do better in HS?
Teachers are often available before and after school. Intervention teachers are available in some subjects during the school day. Intervention teachers are available in some subjects after the school day.