A Brave Return to School 2020-2021
We are ready to welcome you back on Thursday, August 27, for a Brave Return to the 2020-2021 school year!
Enroll your student in an academic plan and transportation plan by Friday, August 7 at noon. 

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Microsoft Office 365 - Install for Free


Students may install Microsoft Office for free on their laptops (windows or mac) and up to 4 other machines at home.  You just agree to remove it if you move/leave the district.To install: 

Go to http://portal.microsoftonline.com
Login using your novell ID with graduating year in this format: NovellID##@indianhill.onmicrosoft.com 
(so Kris Kringle, graduating in 2019, would login as Kris.Kringle19@indianhill.onmicrosoft.com) 

Use your novell password as the account password.  

When you start using the Office programs (like word), it may ask for either an installation key or your Office 365 account.  THERE IS NO INSTALLATION KEY.  Select to use your Office 365 account as above.