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COVID-19 April 1 Update: IHPS Positive Cases
IH LogoThe Indian Hill School District was informed of the following COVID-19 positive cases:

Indian Hill Primary School (IHPS):
Two positive Brave Virtual Academy students
No Close Contacts

Due to federal privacy laws, we are not permitted to provide the names of the individuals.

All families of Close Contact students will be contacted and informed about the quarantine guidelines for their student prior to the District announcement. There are two methods we will use to contact families:

If your student has been identified as a Close Contact in the classroom where students were wearing masks, you will receive an email with details on date of exposure, date of return to school, date of return to athletic or extracurricular activity, and a contact person for questions.

Phone call:
If your student is identified as a Close Contact in a situation without masks which requires a quarantine from classroom activities, you will be contacted by phone.  

Please note: Due to updates in quarantine guidelines, the District is reporting Close Contacts that impact reporting to campus during the school day. Any families of students who are impacted by quarantine restrictions for athletics or activities are notified individually prior to the distribution of District communications.

If you find out you are COVID-19 positive, please call our COVID-19 Hotline to report your case at (513) 272-9698.  

It is our responsibility to inform you as members of our Indian Hill School District community about all reports of positive COVID-19 test results that directly impact our District, and we will continue to share these important updates as needed.


Kirk Koennecke
Indian Hill School District