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Kirk Koennecke and Whitney Buell
In an effort to inform our stakeholders about the issues we face as a District specific to our facilities, the Indian Hill School District welcomes you to INSIDE OUR FACILITIES. In this video series, Superintendent Kirk Koennecke visits with building leaders and experts to share factual information about how the May 4, 2021 bond portion of the combined levy would be invested.

In this episode, we visit with Indian Hill Elementary School Principal Whitney Buell.

IHES Snapshot:
The bond would allow the District to create a multi-use space to address the need for a performing arts space. The “sawtooth” area of IHES, which was constructed in the 1960s and was not replaced when the new portion of IHES was constructed in 2004, would be replaced. This would allow for the creation of an outdoor learning space.

Safety and security enhancements would include:
• Enhanced main entry with security vestibule, improved access control and monitoring, and direct line of site from front offices
• Improved access control at all exits and entrances 
• Improved video surveillance throughout building and campus 
• Improved visibility in public and high-traffic areas 
• Improved secure perimeter around outdoor learning and play spaces 
• Updated/improved fire alarm and life safety systems 
• Updated/expanded life safety systems 
• Modified drop off drive and parking to improve separation of traffic and student play 
• Modified drives and parking to improve flow and separation of traffic 
• Separate entrance for afterhours events and programs 
• Clear separation of public use and student use areas