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Primary School granted new Flex Furniture
Students today thrive in environments that can be individualized to their needs. We know from research and experience that some students can attend better when they can stand, while others need continuous motion to remain focused. We have piloted some of the materials in spaces like our Spanish classroom to obtain additional perspective. During the 2018-19 school year we reviewed many different types of seating and worked with individual teachers to identify different flexible seating choices. We then developed a classroom package that would best meet our students' needs.
boys and girls on wobble stools 
  low stools and low tablelibrary bench in use  This project has been primarily led by staff. They had conversations about flexible seating with parents and community members during the facility review process in the fall and received positive feedback around its importance.
"It is such a privilege to be able to say that thanks to the supporters of the IH Foundation, every classroom has flexible seating," states Jim Nichols, IHPS Principal. 
      "Thank YOU for helping me meet the needs of all my students!" 
                                    - Cheryl Ventresca, IHPS Kindergarten teacher 
      "The grant of the flexible furniture improves every classroom. Being able to use the wobble stools or kneel on the low stools helps students be comfortable.  When they are comfortable, they can focus on learning. "
                                    - Amy Campa, IHPS 2nd grade teacher