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Indian Hill High School Singing-Braves earn top honors
Little WomenIndian Hill High School (IHHS) congratulates the four students who placed in the annual Forest-Aires vocal music scholarships. Students Claire Hardek and Luis Vega-Torres won two of the four $500 scholarships; students Joseph Kayne and Preston Marx were runners-up! 

“I’m so thankful for this opportunity to further my music career through the Forest-Aires competition,” said IHHS student Claire Hardek. “I’d like to thank Mr. Jeff Clark for his guidance and mentorship, and my voice coach, Ms. Kim Buczek, for challenging me to expand my vocal range.”

“I’m very excited to join the Forest-Aires chorus this coming April and to accept this scholarship!” said IHHS student Luis Vega-Torres. “I would like to thank my vocal teachers and coaches, as well as my family for their support. I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity!”

“We are not surprised to hear of this recognition for our hard-working vocalists,” said Jeff Clark, IHHS vocal music director. “We are proud of all they have accomplished.”

The students will join the Forest-Aires chorus at the end of April 2022 to perform at their Encore! concert.

Photo captions: Indian Hill High School students Claire Hardek and Luis Vega-Torres – winners of two of the four $500 Forest-Aires vocal music scholarships – performed together on the set of “Little Women” October 14-16 at the Indian Hill High School Auditorium. Photo by IHHS student Daniel Chen.