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New: Braves Opportunity Scholarship
The IH Foundation is proud to announce the inaugural year for the Braves Opportunity Scholarship. This boldly generous scholarship is conceived and funded by anonymous donors who have immense pride in the Indian Hill School District and want motivated IH students to be able to pursue their best college opportunities free from financial limitations. The scholarship is intended to cover the costs of up to four years of the post-secondary education of the recipient’s choice after all financial aid options from the institution have been calculated, covering tuition, room & board and fees. Let’s say that again. Four years of their best post-secondary option, regardless of cost. 

Candidates for this scholarship are screened through the school counseling office, are registered with FASFA, are sharing their Financial Aid Award information and go through an extensive personal interview. Awarded students must maintain a 3.0 GPA and pass annual committee review for scholarship continuation. This donor-restricted scholarship is intended to supplement an institution’s financial aid and scholarships received to make college possible for students that may have a hardship that would prevent them from continuing their education. 

Donors are long-term supporters of the Indian Hill Foundation. As parents of alumni, they’ve seen that an Indian Hill education provides an outstanding base to launch students to success. They are happy to provide the winner with the opportunity to choose the school that will best prepare them for their chosen career, free of financial concerns.  

“This is future-focused investment in IH students. We are proud to partner with the donors to make their vision become a reality, directly impacting a student today and changing the trajectory for generations,” says Lori Klinedinst, IH Foundation Executive Director. 
To learn more or to add your charitable contributions to this 501 c 3 restricted fund, please contact Lori Klinedinst [email protected] or call 513-272-5932. The donors intend to renew this opportunity each year going forward and invite others to contribute to the fund so the opportunity may continue in perpetuity.  .