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Thanks to you, Biology 9 Capstone Research a hit!


See your impact at work
:  The Biology 9 Capstone Research project used an IHF Innovation Grant to be able to do on-site research at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens in April, culminating in the community presentation of their final projects in May.  Hear from the students and the faculty on the importance of this experience: 

Lillian Liu "The experience showed me a lot about actually doing research. I learned a lot about actual problems that may occur during the process, and how you can change your process slightly to make it work again. It also helped me learn  more about the scientific process and why it's useful and how it helps"

Anna Johnson "It was good to get a break from being inside all day. We got to research something we wanted while being outside and enjoying the environment which was a good change."

Yvette Detweiler: "This project was easily the highlight of Biology this year. It not only gave us skills such as hands-on learning experience, initiative project building, collaboration skills, and presenting skills, but was an enjoyable opportunity for students to apply science to the real world. 

Kip Richardson "This project was a very fun way to research and conduct an experiment on an animal of our choice"

From the Biology Faculty: This culminating project could not have happened without the support of the foundation. The support of this project allowed students to use skills learned throughout the year to complete real-world research. As part of the strategic plan, we have made a commitment to Learners as Doers. This project was a perfect example of students using their knowledge to complete a tangible project. From the zoo trips to the capstone evening, students were enthusiastic about their work and put out high-quality work. I was impressed by every single student who went outside their comfort zone to create meaningful projects.