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Indian Hill High School student creates award-winning innovative design
Conner Vanden Boom Out of nearly 90 students from around the world, one Indian Hill High School student came out on top!

Junior Conner Vanden Boom was accepted to the University of Cincinnati’s College of Engineering and Science Summer Camp, which hosted an Innovation Challenge, tasking students with designing technology and inventions to solve real-world current problems. Vanden Boom, with his team Cascading Change, took first place after designing a water filtration system called The Squarrel (Square+Barrel), which will help give people access to clean water around the world. The Squarrel is an all-in-one filtration, collection, and aggregation solution. 

“Working virtually with a team of peers from different parts of the country was both fun and challenging!” said Vanden Boom. “The dynamics of our group were energetic, highly motivated, and extremely creative, we all fed off each other’s ideas. Everyone’s unique experiences and knowledge led us to win the competition and engineer the final design. I had to adapt and be open minded to new ideas, it was an experience that helped me grow as an individual.” 

Presentations were judged on several factors, including visual representation, design, and creativity.

Photo captions:
Photo one: Indian Hill High School junior Conner Vanden Boom part of first-place team in UC’s College of Engineering and Science Summer Camp.
Photo two: Vanden Boom’s team design - The Squarrel (Square+Barrel)