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Big Pitch Progress Update: Project Tech


The BIg Pitch was as innovation competition launced in Spring 2023 challenging HS students to answer the question "How would you improve life at IHHS?"  The Indian Hill Foundation funded the $10,000 prize money which was awarded to two projects:  Project Tech and Braves on a Mission.  

From sports to sustainability, the applications of technology have impacted most fields and vocations. It is crucial for us to be equipped with the skills to safely navigate this rapidly evolving digital landscape. No matter what field students are interested in, technology is bound to touch it. It is important that we embrace this fact in order for Indian Hill to keep up with the changing technological world.

Meghna Siripurapu and Jesslyn Gunadi


Project Tech aims to enable and encourage students of all backgrounds and with various interests to utilize technology to further their goals. We aim to break the technology stereotype at the high school and show students that there is more than one way to pursue technology, changing the conversation around tech to show that it is an important field that anyone can learn about and belong in.

To do so, Project Tech will provide students with resources and opportunities to pursue their interests through three main sub-projects:

  1. Through Project Certify, we are streamlining the process for students to obtain industry-recognized technology credentials. This will begin in secure computer usage and can lead to multiple paths with certifications focused on fields such as web development and cybersecurity. These certifications are a great introduction to the field of technology and will enable students to gain working experiences involving technology through internships and other job opportunities. 

  2. Through Project Edu, we are hosting monthly ‘Tech Talks’ to spotlight technology's connections with different fields, showing that technology is an interdisciplinary subject embedded in all industries. Through these Tech Talks, we hope to get a variety of students excited about the applications of technology to their field of interest.

  3. Through Project Engage, we plan to host events to garner community support and engagement and spark interest among younger students in Middle school and Elementary school. By hosting engaging events and activities for them, we hope to create a future pipeline of students who are interested in technology.

“We recently had our first Tech Talk featuring guest speaker Jared Weitzel who focused on technology's impact on product development and sustainability. He spoke to our students about the importance of innovating technological systems to improve efficiency and amplify one’s impact. He also described his personal experiences involving sports broadcasting, bodybuilding, and sustainable power cable designs. We had 60 attendees in total! Our students really enjoyed the presentation and it was exciting to see peers become excited to attend our session and apply technology to their interests. We are excited to continue to host future Tech Talks and events as the year progresses, as well as launch our technology certification program for students in the near future.” - Meghna Siripurapu and Jesslyn Gunadi, Project Tech leaders

“Seeing our initiative come to life after pitching Project Tech at the Big Pitch last year has been such a wonderful experience. Meghna and I, as well as the 6 other students now on our leadership team, have definitely put a lot of hard work in to establish our vision. Through our work, I've learned how to understand others' perspectives to create engaging and inclusive opportunities. We are very excited about the future of this initiative.” - Jesslyn Gunadi