Kirk Koennecke and Chris Patek

In an effort to inform our stakeholders about the issues we face as a District specific to our facilities, the Indian Hill School District welcomes you a new video series: INSIDE OUR FACILITIES. In this series, Superintendent Kirk Koennecke visits with building leaders and experts to share factual information about how the May 4, 2021 bond portion of the combined levy would be invested.

In this episode, we visit with MSA Design Architect Chris Patek who served as a professional consultant during our community facilities assessment process that began in 2018. The focus is Indian Hill Middle School, and the area within the building that is currently closed to students due to safety concerns.

IHMS Closed Section Snapshot:
• Indian Hill Middle School was originally constructed in the 1960s
• The back of the building has been closed to students since 2004
• The closed section is approximately 12,000 square feet, or about 8% of the total building area
• The damage is due to significant settling and visible structural cracks which are compromising the integrity of the building
• The costs of maintenance and repairs to maintain the functioning space in the current building are only projected to increase with time
• The portion of the building closed off is a majority potential classroom space forcing the District to repurpose and renovate other areas of the building