MEET THE CEO/CFO: COVID-19 Financial Impact

Kirk Koennecke and Mick Davis

In an effort to inform our stakeholders about the issues we face as a District specific to our operations, the Indian Hill School District welcomes you to MEET THE CEO/CFO. In this three-part video series, Superintendent Kirk Koennecke and Treasurer Mick Davis discuss important factual information about the needs identified by community committees and the impact of the operational portion May 4, 2021 combined levy.

VIDEO ONE: COVID-19 Financial Impact
In March 2020, the Indian Hill School District learned of cuts to the District’s already small share of state funding. The District immediately made cuts and reductions that could be implemented without impacting student learning and necessary maintenance on District facilities was deferred. 

Since that time, Ohio restored some of the money that was lost, and the federal government has created opportunities to help offset some of the reductions public school districts faced due to COVID-19. The CARES ACT and the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER) were established to provide targeted financial assistance. These are one-time funds to meet pandemic-related needs.

The one-time CARES funding is not a windfall of cash to Indian Hill Schools. It is dedicated and it comes with guidance on spending (for learning recovery and continuity of operations). This money in CARES and ESSER funding does not change the conversation on the $3.3 million per year for five years in operating funds that would be generated through the May 4,2021 ballot issue. 

The CARES funding dollars received over the last year does not help our District fund the necessary maintenance on our current facilities and continue to provide the same level of programs and services to our students without additional funding from our local community.