HS Science curriculum granted new probes for experiments

 3 students w probeThanks to a recent Foundation Innovation Grant, HS Science classes are now using new probes to further their lab experiements. According to teacher Michelle Shafer, the students are loving this new experience!
Students are working on designing their own inquiry lab to explore photosynthesis and cellular respiration using algae beads. Students used the sensors to record data to provide evidence that either carbon dioxide and or oxygen was released! Students were able to use the gas sensors. Some students tested the effect of temperature on the processes so we used the temperature probes! 

"It gives us a different perspective to measure the rate of photosynthesis and cellular respiration. It allows us to record data we previously weren't able to obtain. ” -  Nathan Chai

“It helps us with specifics to differentiate to get more real world data” -  Lauren Roberts

"Thank you to the Foundation for this equipment!" - Michelle Shafer, HS Science teacher
upclose of probe     students in lab w probe