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FINANCE 101 VIDEO ONE: Your school finance questions, answered

Treasurer Mick Davis

Have you ever wondered why the Indian Hill School District has been off the ballot for so long? How our District’s current tax rate compares to others in Hamilton County? Why facility updates are needed? If your answer is yes, I’d like to welcome to a new video-series class: Finance 101. 

This series is inspired by the work our District has been doing with our community Finance Committee as tasked by our Board of Education to review school funding processes and capital/operating funding options. I am moving to the “head of the class” to answer some of the more pressing questions those committee members have asked during our committee meetings and sharing those answers with you. During the next several weeks, I invite you to watch for this series, which will be available through our District website and within our Friday beBRAVE electronic newsletter. 

We will begin the video series this week this question: Why did homeowner taxes to the Indian Hill School District go down in 2019 for almost all residents? 

Please check out the video below for my answer.

As always, I thank you for your continued support of the excellent educational services we provide within the Indian Hill School District. 

Mick Davis