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AUGUST 20 UPDATE: Indian Hill Activities & Athletics

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As we gear up for a Brave Return to School for the 2020-2021 school year, we need to make you aware that a new phase of reopening for campus activities and athletics begins immediately. Please see the important information and dates below:

Indian Hill School District Activities
Indian Hill educators continue to plan for the reopening of schools and fine arts education. Faculty are using health guidance and research to inform our scheduling with modified classrooms and performance environments, including layering social distancing with additional equipment safety protocols so that students can continue their music education. We are also preparing outdoor classroom environments at all four buildings for fine arts courses and performances.

Both indoor and outdoor activities will have a much different look and feel this year. Students and parents should expect modified classroom and outdoor practice and performance opportunities, adjusted spectator capacity for all campus venues, as well as ongoing scheduling adjustments dependent upon community spread data and government health orders.

Important to note: The Indian Hill High School Auditorium remains closed for large gatherings as of the date of this update.

Fine Arts & Club Meetings
Our Indian Hill Choirs have started to conduct modified outdoor practice sessions. It has been exciting to see our singing Braves back in their element doing what they love in a socially-distanced, safe environment. Additionally, the District approved pre-meetings and consent forms for fine arts and club activities to begin. Every group is aware of safety expectations.

Important Competition Cancellations
Recently the Ohio Music Educators Association (OMEA) announced the cancellation of all marching band competitions for this fall, including State Marching Band Finals. As well, Bands of America and the Mid-States Band Association have also cancelled their slate of 2020 events.

Indian Hill School District Athletics
Recently, Governor Mike DeWine and the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) issued a new Order impacting fall sports and activities. Under the new Order, all fall sports, both contact and non-contact, can resume competitions and travel on August 21.

What you can expect beginning August 21
Scrimmages and team competitions with other area schools will commence on or after August 21. Student-athletes will be allowed to enter all facilities where necessary for practice sessions. The District will continue to require the safety protocols outlined in the recently released Indian Hill Guidebook. As a general reminder: For all sports and extracurricular activities, we require pre-season, and pre-activity orientation meetings, and a review of safety protocols. We will continue to opt for staggered, scheduled team sessions.

Safety Expectations
All students, coaches, and visitors are required to wear face coverings on campus. The degree to which we successfully manage close physical contact among student-athletes and our safety protocols will determine our path forward. A social distance of six feet or more is required for participants and spectators.

Anyone who does not feel well should not participate in these activities, nor should any student-athlete who does not feel comfortable, or have parental permission. Our coaches and advisors will continue to monitor the events, and our expectation is that student-athletes and staff will maintain safe social distancing during practices, avoid congregating in large groups, keep equipment separate, and continue consistent deep cleaning.

Spectator Guidelines
Per the ODH orders, our focus will remain on our young people and allowing them to play their contests. We will provide an opportunity for each student-athlete or performer to have someone there to support them. All spectators must conduct daily health symptom assessments. Spectators may be asked to work with school officials before, during, or after events to identify individuals potentially exposed to COVID-19 to help facilitate contact tracing.  

Important: No spectators other than immediate family members, or identified guardians or caregivers, will be permitted to attend home events. Family/household members are expected to sit together, with six feet or more of social distance from others. Spectators should not congregate or gather before or after activities on campus, and should avoid physical contact with others. Spectators must wear face coverings at all times.

Spectator capacity limits will be posted at all venues and is based on fixed seats made available. Spectators will be expected to pre-purchase tickets for home contests online. Tickets can be purchased online at indianhillbraves.org website under the Fan Zone tab.

Spectators may also expect to sign in to both home and away venues by District staff. District administrators, faculty, coaches, and designated site supervisors will monitor safety protocols and communicate the expectations to spectators for compliance with District guidelines for all visitors to our campus. Spectators should expect to see visual and directional cues to move through venues, including both restricted seating and marked seating blocks, as well as marked entry and exit points.

Concessions will be limited, and follow prescribed restaurant guidance per Ohio orders. Spectators should also refrain from sharing food or drink items. Restrooms will be open. Spectators may expect lines to maintain social distance. Spectators are encouraged to limit ride sharing and/or carpools to home and away events.

OHSAA has launched an inspection program this fall where designated individuals will be attending contests throughout the state to ensure mandates are being followed. These inspectors will work with our staff to ensure mandates are being followed. The inspectors will be filing reports with the OHSAA, and violations of the mandates may result in the OHSAA issuing program consequences as prescribed in their bylaws.  

Those spectators who fail to comply with local, county, and state health orders; OHSAA Requirements; District guidelines, will be asked to leave campus immediately and may forfeit future visitation rights on campus.

Spectator Venue Limits of 15% of Fixed Seating Capacity:

Tomahawk Stadium Spectator Capacity = 330
HS Football/Marching Band/Cheer Team: 4 seats per home event per student-athlete; 2 seats are reserved for Music parents
*Away venues: Student-athletes can designate tickets for two parents or guests

MS Football/Cheer: 4 seats per home event per student-athlete
*Away venues: Determined weekly by opponent venue. Designated ticket notice shared weekly for online ticket purchase codes.

Field Hockey: 4 seats per home event per student-athlete 

Tennis Complex Spectator Capacity = 40
Tennis: 2 parents and/or designated guests

Shawnee Field Spectator Capacity = 40
HS Boys/Girls Soccer: 2 parents and/or designated guests
* Venue will be cleared between JV and Varsity games to allow for next group of spectators
* Due to limited capacity, Indian Hill will not be allowing any visiting teams to have spectators for these games, per CHL guidelines

IHHS Gymnasium Spectator Capacity = 222
IHMS Gymnasium Spectator Capacity = 94
HS Volleyball: 4 parents and/or designated guests
MS Volleyball: 4 parents and/or designated guests
*No visiting spectators will be permitted to attend away games, per CHL guidelines

Other Outdoor Venues: Site Specific Guidance
Cross Country: 2 parents and/or designated guests 
Golf: 2 parents and/or designated guests

Additional Important Information

• All fall sports have now been approved as a result of the new health order issued by Governor DeWine and ODH.
• Testing prior to competitions is not a requirement for participants.
• If the fall seasons begin and, for some reason, are stopped but then resume, the OHSAA has plans to move to a modified fall sports season. There has been no guidance to date on the status of upcoming winter or spring sports, or their respective schedules.
• OHSAA has set COVID-19-related requirements for schools to follow for competitions as requested by the Governor’s Office. The OHSAA will govern and issue consequences for the violation of these requirements as prescribed in OHSAA Bylaw 11, Penalties.
• OHSAA requirements limit the number of players dressing for contests. The limits are 60 in football; 22 in soccer and field hockey, and 15 in volleyball. In addition, the OHSAA is limiting marching and/or pep bands to performing only at home contests. Varsity Cheer teams only will be permitted to travel to away venues.
• Cross Country was earlier designated as a non-contact sport.
• The OHSAA staff has also developed sport-specific requirements, recommendations and modifications for schools when conducting interscholastic competition that will be reviewed by coaches with participants and families.
• Beginning September 1, all winter sports regular out-of-season regulations are back in place: 1.) Coaches may only work with four of their student-athletes in individual skill workouts; 2.) athletes may participate together in non-interscholastic play; and, 3.) open gyms may occur with safety regulations observed, following approved pre-season coach meetings and FinalForms acknowledgment by participants.

We appreciate the patience and care shown by all of our Braves during this important time of transition back to close-contact activities.

Administrators, coaches, league officials, and our partner health organizations will continue to implement proper safety guidelines and protocols in anticipation of competition between schools after August 21. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us.

In service to children,

Kirk Koennecke
Indian Hill School District