EXCELLENCE MATTERS: Meet Heather Bennett

Heather Bennett

Heather Bennett is an incredible EduHERO.

She leads one of our amazing partner organizations as president of the Indian Hill PTO, and she personally has volunteered countless hours to give back to our Brave community. We sincerely appreciate her so much.

Excellence matters to the Indian Hill PTO. During the 2021-2022 school year, the IH PTO supported all Indian Hill schools with financial support totaling $165,250 and contributed substantial donations in materials. The PTO sponsored and volunteered at over 80 events during the school year.

It is my pleasure to introduce to you the 2022-2023 Indian Hill PTO president, Heather Bennett:

Meet Heather Bennett
Indian Hill PTO President

We moved back to Cincinnati six years ago when our eldest of three boys was going into eighth grade. In just a blink of an eye, he is now a sophomore in college and our other boys are a senior in high school and a seventh grader. My husband graduated from Indian Hill and we chose to move back in part because of the opportunities provided by the Indian Hill School District. I have been a volunteer in a variety of roles, including serving as the PTO Director at Indian Hill High School during the challenging 2019-2020 Covid year. It is my honor to serve as the PTO President for the school district this year. 

For me, being a Brave means going beyond what is familiar or expected, plus collaborating with others. I love connecting and coordinating with other parents, the teachers, and administrators to try to make a positive impact on all of our kids' experiences. The PTO provides funding, plans, and organizes volunteers for amazingly impactful things like Teacher and Staff Appreciation, Author Visits, Spring Fling, Spotlight, Party in the Middle, Odd Couples, After Prom as well as support for field trips. PTO offers many opportunities to get involved, and to extend the IH Promise that our teachers and staff are generating every day. I am looking forward to what this year brings, and if you would like to chat, please do reach out to me.