Indian Hill High School presents Pow Wow 2020: Phantom of the Opera

Jeff Clark

This school year – a Brave Pow Wow debut: Phantom of the Opera. We are so excited about what is sure to be an incredible performance, we had our own pow wow with Indian Hill High School (IHHS) teacher and show director Jeff Clark to get the details! Clark – in his fourth year as a Brave and his 19th year in teaching – is best known for directing competitive show choirs; he says he is ready to lead Pow Wow – a time-honored tradition of excellence in musical entertainment for our community. See what he has to say about the highly anticipated Phantom of the Opera production below, and mark your calendars NOW for the performances February 20-22!

Indian Hill School District (IHSD): Phantom of the Opera is so well known – what makes it so special?

Jeff Clark (JC): It is the longest running show on Broadway, and for good reason. The songs and the story are timeless, and I think the mystery draws people in. While it’s a love story, it’s also about acceptance, conquering your personal demons, and – spoiler alert – realizing that not all stories have happy endings!

IHSD: We understand there will be many Indian Hill students involved in the 2020 Pow Wow Production off the stage … can you explain?

JC: We’ve already reached out to other student groups to make this production involve the greater student community. We’re hoping to have our award-winning Robotics team assist in some of the special effects, our visual artists help recreate iconic scenes, and our French Club be part of the process as we dive into learning about Paris near the turn of the century. As you know, our students are VERY involved in many sports and activities, so I also would like to make sure that if someone wants to be involved, even if in just the big “Masquerade” scene, that we find a place for them to be part of the Pow Wow experience. It’s something they will never forget! 

IHSD: What are you most excited for?

JC: There’s so much to be excited about! We have an incredible team assembled to bring out the best in every facet of our students. From our amazing IH Tech Crew to assist with the magical stage effects under Mr. Kimmins, to the iconic sounds that will be coming from our instrumentalists led by Mr. Barker and Mrs. Emmons, ballet corps instruction by Jay Goodlett, and also individual drama coaching by Cincinnati all-star Ed Cohen, we know this will be a production not to be missed!

IHSD: How can Braves “follow” Phantom?

JC: You can keep up with the show process from our Instagram at @ihhstheatre, and we will also have some live updates through the Indian Hill School District Facebook page. Auditions will be the last week of October, but students can come see me at any time with questions! Tickets will be available for pre-reservation near the end of 2019. We look forward to seeing you at the show! 

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Phantom of the Opera Poster