Behind the scenes with the Indian Hill High School BMB


By Student Experience Journalist Samara Summers
Along with Winter Break came the ending of the Marching Band season. Despite being a senior, this year was my first year being a part of our famed Braves Marching Band (BMB). With six hours of intense practice each week of the school year's season, over a month of preparation before school starts, and competitions and further practices that took over most of the Saturdays during the season, our BMB is an impressive sight to behold …. even though we are nearly half the size of the other bands in our class.

Small but mighty
Our band size of 16 marchers and two guard members consistently won first place in competitions against bands of 25 marchers and 15-30 guard members. Now, these numbers don’t include our pit, but even there we were greatly outnumbered. The BMB had about six pit members, whereas other schools had about 10 or so, so in terms of volume and ability to make mistakes without being caught, the BMB was severely disadvantaged. However, time and time again we got first in our class size (being the smallest size A).

Bands of America
Bands of America (BOA) is a national event where bands from all over America compete. Our Bands of America performance was our best by far; we even got a standing ovation from the band that went on to win the entire BOA competition.

A Memorable Experience
The BMB was rewarding in more ways than physical awards like trophies or awards. It introduced me to one of the best groups of people I think I will ever come to know. It is a little overwhelming at first, but within a couple weeks you feel like you are truly a part of something bigger than yourself. It’s more than just a band, it’s a family. One cultivated in hard work, in communal growth, and in a genuinely fun and good atmosphere.

The only thing I regret about joining the BMB was that I didn’t get the opportunity to join it sooner. It truly is an amazing experience that I hope more students will get to experience. I would recommend it for anyone who is looking for that family in the school. I’m sure you’ll be welcomed in the band.

Photo caption: Indian Hill High School Braves Marching Band performing at the ceremony to break ground for the new Indian Hill Middle School building in August 2021.