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Learners as Doers, Learners as Individuals, and Learners as the Whole Child

Steering Team

There is a number I’ve been excited to share with you: 271. This is the number that represents the individuals within our community who responded to our request to assist us in developing a new strategic plan for the Indian Hill School District. 

Wow! What a celebration for us all. 

During September, the first of a series of meetings kicked off to do this important work together. 

We are forming a team to work with great focus on three key areas: Learners as Doers; Learners as Individuals; and Learners as the Whole Child. This is the focus of our new plan. It is our foundation, and in the coming months, we will clearly define the work that impacts these three main areas.

It will be personal. It will be authentic. It will have an impact in helping shape and define our future, and most importantly, the future of our students. We are working on a defined timeline: 

September-October: Visioning and stakeholder engagement
October-November: Begin plan development and stakeholder engagement
November-December: Finalize and present plan 

Thank you to every member of our faculty and staff who dedicated time to get us to this point; thank you to every member of our community who signed up to help continue this work … all 271 of you. The conversation has started, and we can’t wait to share with you how it evolves – stay tuned.

In service to our children,

Kirk Koennecke
Indian Hill School District
Posted September 29, 2021