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Making breakfast and history at Indian Hill High School

Dylan Kondor making breakfast

By Student Experience Journalist Samara Summers
On the bright morning of Friday, August 27, the end of the first full week for students and teachers alike, the seniors gathered on the field of the proud Tomahawk Stadium for one simple goal: to watch the sunrise together.

As a senior, and I was among the group that gathered. Many of us weren’t sure what to expect; this was the first “Senior Sunrise” ever hosted at Indian Hill High School. 

Indian Hill High School senior Dylan Kondor woke up even earlier to serve up an extra surprise, preparing a complete breakfast for classmates who didn’t bring any. Kondor, who has aspirations to take his culinary skills to a professional level, made an impressive spread of eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, and coffee for his sleep-deprived friends. Most students, unknowing of his culinary kindness, brought their own breakfast. 

Overall, the first ever Senior Sunrise, a historic event for Indian Hill High School seniors, was a tremendous success. All future graduating classes should look forward to creative and exciting new events such as the Senior Sunrise, and for those of you who aren’t seniors - I will be your tour guide to the student experience this school year through a regular blog. 

A little bit about me:
I love all things art. Any music, movie, painting, or sketch is sure to catch my eye!

I am excited about the many opportunities I have this year to prepare me for life after graduation and with my future career, which is graphic design!

I am proud of my relationships with my teachers and peers. I do my very best to demonstrate all of the qualities of being an Indian Hill Brave (Pride, Innovation, Leadership, Respect, Service)! This has earned me a few "SuperBrave" awards, but more importantly it has given me the opportunity to make strong, lasting, positive connections with everyone around me!

I hope to bring a creative and invigorating visual aspect of storytelling using my graphic art background to the beBrave Newsletter that hasn’t been seen among the previous Student Experience Journalists in the past!

Keep an eye out for future reports, Indian Hill, the Class of 2022 is already on a roll!

Photo caption: Indian Hill High School senior Dylan Kondor making Senior Sunrise breakfast.