Paver Sales

The Sale of Small and Medium Pavers has been Extended!
Do not miss your chance to leave a legacy in the new Home of the Braves athletic facility.  Join the approximately 200 other Indian Hill district families whose names are engraved in the Braves Welcome Plaza. 
Pavers can represent a family name. Or, they can be a reflection of a special memory: a favorite teacher or coach; a championship team; a class gift. The possibilities are endless - but the pavers are not! Supplies are limited.  Pavers will be engraved as quantities allow.  
Pavers are available in two sizes:
* 4" x 8" brick paver with 1 line of engraving for $250-$999
* 8" x 8" brick paver with 2 lines of engraving for $1,000-$2,499
A small paver can accomodate one line of engraving up to 14 characters.  A medium paver can accommodate 2 lines of engraving up to 14 characters per line.  Spaces to do not count but punctuation does.  All inscriptions are subject to approval by the IHEVSD Board of Education. 
The pavers will be placed in the new Braves Welcome Plaza.  The Plaza is an integral piece of the Home of the Braves complex. Its large, circular outdoor creates a gathering space open to the community to be enjoyed by all, and ties together the entire athletic facility - from the baseball and softball fields down to Tomahawk Stadium.

Pavers in circular plaza